It is the year 2000. Sergio Sackman and Sebastiaan Zwarts meet. Two creative minds, in the midst of a colourful youth, with the whole world ahead of them. A friendship was founded.

Their shared passion for clothing resulted in 2MORROWSHYPE. It started out as a small business that imported upcoming Japanese brands to sell on the European and American market. It was then that a shark became their trademark and the slogan “Real Heat Don’t Sleep” was added. A shark never really sleeps. It’s always on its guard. And so were they… Always aiming to get the best and nicest clothing out on the market, available for everyone. It wasn’t till later that the shark got even more meaningful.

The promo collections sold out quickly and it was time to set course for a new direction: Creating an official 2MORROWSHYPE collection. Naturally, they wanted to produce it as ‘clean’ as possible. The shark became the symbol of 2MORROWSHYPE’s goal to save the ocean from trash and toxic chemicals. They aspire to reduce the use of plastics in the production of the clothing and the packaging, while maintaining quality.

The designs are inspired by music, iconic artists and subculture. It brings color to life, even in the darker seasons. 2MORROWSHYPE does not divide men and women. All collections are for everyone.


Help us save the ocean.

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