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Shark Fin by Danielle Hoogendoorn

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Exclusive for 2MORROWSHYPE Danielle Hoogendoorn created a limited edition painting of 50 pieces “Shark Fin”. Each artwork is unique and created with attention to detail. To transcend the limitations of what can and can’t be done in the artworld, Danielle had to create a new reality within her work. One wherein everything is possible and where all her subjects can exist side by side without explanation. She often dislays animals in her work because they are presumed to be too kitch to be in serious art, Danielle loves to play with that, to see how far she can go.


Sizes of artwork: 41cm height x 30cm width


A percentage of the proceeds goes to the Sharks Foundation (10% of the sales). This foundation is dedicated to combating global shark fin soup https://stichtinghaai.nl.